Anti-Hypertension Siberian Tea

High blood pressure or hypertension affects practically every adult person. Blood circulation is vital to maintain good health and life. The crucial nutrients and oxygen are supplied to all the cells and body organs by the blood. The heart beats and makes the pressure that pushes blood through the arteries and veins. This blood pressure, when it is normal, produces the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system. When the blood pressure rises, the heart has to work more to pump blood. The force of increased blood pressure leads to overstretching the walls of the blood vessels and their damage. Other related health problems such as cholesterol plaques, blood clots in the blood vessels, narrowing of the vessels and hardening of the blood vessels can occur. So, finally the damage to the whole system can occur like heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

Healthy program for control of hypertension

Today lots of people have to use various medicines to control hypertension. But health experts advise before starting the drug therapy to try certain healthy lifestyle changes and some home remedies to control the hypertension and normalize blood pressure naturally. The effective natural remedies are able to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. The healthy program for control of hypertension can include: reduction in salt intake, dieting, exercising regularly and using certain herbs and plants.

Effective natural components

Siberian Monastery Tea is an absolutely natural remedy for hypertension problem with a special recipe containing the traditional herbs and plants to normalize the blood pressure and prevent development of heart diseases. Anti-Hypertension Siberian Monastery Tea can be included into the daily diet as a very effective herbal product which diminishes the risks of heart-related diseases, improves general health state.

Anti-Hypertension Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №7)

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Among the benefits of this tea there are the following: it reduces the blood pressure, it improves the function of heart and blood vessels, and it helps prevent serious heart events. The natural components in the tea are very effective against: hypertension, atherosclerosis, headaches, vision disturbances, breathing problems, dizziness, and pain in the chest. The unique mixture of the tea for hypertension management allows utilizing the best natural properties of the plants and herbs for effective prevention of different states related to hypertension.

The composition of the Anti-Hypertension Siberian Monastery Tea includes:

Marjoram (Origanum vulgare) helps to normalize blood pressure, improve circulation and the function of capillaries.

Birch (Bétula) possesses various beneficial features including strong diuretic effect. It helps reduce the pressure and extra load on the heart.

Immortelle (Helichrýsum) improves the blood circulation, reduces arterial blood pressure and the risk of hypertension.

Motherwort (Leonúrus) provides certain type of sedation for cardiovascular diseases.

Horsetail (Equisétum) is used as diuretic to cope with the heart problems and hypertension. Its ability to improve salt-water metabolism helps regulate the balance of minerals and water in the system.

Red raspberry leaves (Rúbus idáeus) reduce the blood pressure level and are great for helping circulation flow smoothly.

Plantain (Plantágo) has profound antihypertensive effects and reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

There are other herbal components in the tea which all in the composition work to improve the cardiovascular health of a person. Anti-Hypertension Siberian Monastery Tea can be contraindicated for pregnant women, breast-feeding women and children younger than 14 years of age. Allergic people should not use this tea if they have allergies to any of the components. The application of the tea should be on a regular basis. Every day one cup of the tea is recommended to be consumed. One tablespoon of the tea should be poured with boiling water and left for 30 minutes for preparing.