Anti-Prostatitis Siberian Tea

 Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. This is the male gland responsible for semen production and other important functions. Causes of prostatitis can be various from kidney stones, urinary tract infections such as bladder infection, but most commonly prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection of the prostate gland. This causes pain, inflammation, fever and blood in the urine. The condition can be acute with more increased and intensive symptoms such as sever back and abdomen pain, pain during urination, urination problems. Prostatitis can have a chronic character with moderate pain during urination, physical activities and immune problems.

The chances of recurrence of prostatitis are very high in men who have irregular physical activities, sedative way of life, suppressed immune system, poor diet. Traditional herbs used to treat and prevent prostatitis increase immunity, prevent relapses of this infection, treat the infection outbreaks. Anti-Prostatitis Siberian Monastery Tea has all natural components proven to be very effective against pain, inflammation. The tea improves general prostate gland health and its normal function. The symptoms of prostatitis and other conditions are well-treated by the Siberian tea. The tea helps in the following: prostatitis, urination pain, frequent urination and urination problems, pains in the abdomen, back, penis, painful orgasm and sexual act and other symptoms.


Ingredients in the tea are all natural and proven to be safe. They include:

Dandelion root (Taráxacum) helps men who experience prostatitis. It decreases inflammation and pain. Dandelion roots improve immune system and help manage the symptoms of prostatitis.

Anti-Prostatitis Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №13)

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Licorice (Glycyrrhíza) roots strengthen the immune system, reduce painful feelings and spasms.

Plantain (Plantágo) promotes general health of the male prostate gland. It has disinfectant, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties which are used against inflammation, discomfort and infections.

Knotgrass (Polýgonum aviculáre) improves immune system, provides anti-inflammatory properties, stops the the formation of bladder stones and stimulates urination.

Rose (Rōsa) with its great bactericidal features is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It improves the general health and helps the body recover faster.

Spiraea (Filipéndula) decreases pain due to its profound analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a traditional remedy for prostatitis health.

Peppermint leaf (Méntha piperíta) generally enhances male health, improves the flow of the blood to the bladder and male organs.

Calendula flowers (Caléndula) promotes anti-bacterial effects to fight with the acute and chronic infections.

Anti-Prostatitis Siberian Monastery Tea should be consumed regularly. It should be included in the program of prostatitis treatment. Other important supplements which can help are zinc and vitamins. Proper diet is essential for men with prostatitis. It should include fruit, vegetables, whole grains. Men should not consume much salt, sugar or fats. Spicy foods and junk foods, strong tea and coffee should be avoided. Drinking plenty of water increases the flow of urine is very important. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped. Monastery tea for prostate gland health can be applied by adult men older than 18 years of age during the whole course of treatment. The tea in the dose of one tablespoon should be poured with boiling water and left for about half an hour for preparing. The drink can be consumed every day.