Anti-Smoking Siberian Tea

Smoking is one of the worst human habits. Lots of people know about smoking dangers but the number of smokers does not reduce. It is because of the highly addictive nicotine substance found in cigarettes. Cigarette smoking involves the use of nicotine and carcinogens – substances which are known to cause cancer. It is proven that smoking damages lungs, heart, causes inflammation, respiratory problems, hypertension, immune system disorders, reproductive diseases and different types of cancer. When people try to quit smoking they often find it very hard. To stop effectively people use nicotine replacement therapies, anti-depressants, psychotherapy. Still the will and wish to quit make a person really determined to stop this habit.

Good addition to stop smoking

To support smokers in their intention to stop smoking some traditional herbal products are designed. Anti-Smoking Siberian Monastery Tea is highly effective for helping people to stop smoking once and for all. It decreases smoking addiction, improves lung function, removes toxins from the system. The herbal ingredients in the tea help cope with the following common conditions related to heavy smoking: nicotine addiction, bronchitis and respiratory diseases, gastric and bowel ulcers, dental conditions, cough, abstinence syndrome, depression, sleeping problems. The recipe of Siberian Monastery Tea for stopping smoking is absolutely unique with the most effective herbs and plants which can boost energy and desire to live without smoking.

The composition of Anti-Smoking Siberian Monastery Tea includes:

Fever weed (Erýngium) improves the quality of sleep, normalizes digestive function, reduces desire to smoke.

Anti-Smoking Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №9)

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St. John’s wort (Hypericum) fights with depression and smoking cravings. Daily use of this plat in the form of the tea helps kick the habit. It lessens the desire to smoke and eases respiratory system.

Thyme (Thýmus serpýllum) cleans the respiratory tract from harmful substances and facilitates the related symptoms. Besides, it boosts the stamina and suppress increased appetite in the period of quitting.

Agrimony (Agrimónia) relieves the intoxication by dangerous substances and eases the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

Motherwort (Leonúrus) provides sedative effect and helps overcome the abstinence.

Rainbow weed (Lýthrum salicária) prevents the headaches and spasms induced by increased nicotine content in the body.

Angelica (Archangélica officínalis) is one of the most effective anti-smoking natural remedies. It helps calm the need to smoke as well as repairs damaged cells and gives body energy.

Horse sorrel (Rúmex confértus) improves the mood, helps to overcome depressive states, and prevents stresses.

Juniper fruits (Juníperus) treats respiratory tract organs, controls body weight, suppresses appetite.

Herbs can be a great addition to stop smoking. The herbs in the tea decrease withdrawal symptoms, ease stress and anxiety, reduce cravings, and help detoxify the lungs and body. Most of the herbs in the tea are very common, but the unique mix of them in the proper doses will help everyone be sure in their effectiveness and safety. The tea to stop smoking is contraindicated for children, pregnant women, breast-feeding women and those people, who have allergies to herbs.

The consumption of the tea is recommended during the period of quitting smoking and for some time after you have stopped. It will provide better results and won’t allow your start again. One tablespoon of the tea should be poured with boiling water in a cup. The tea should be consumed every day. Drinking plenty of water can be very useful during quitting the habit of smoking. Water will help in detoxifying the body. It is necessary to have a healthy diet and consider using more vitamins when you quit smoking, mainly Vitamin C, Vitamin B, calcium and magnesium.