Anti-Tumor Siberian Tea

Cancer or tumor begins in the cells of the body which normally appear when a person needs them to replace the old cells. When the cells start growing without the need of the body the extra mass of cells occurs. It is called tumor. It can appear in any part of the body and can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancer. The cells which are malignant are known as cancer. The problem with malignant tumors continues to be dangerous and fatal for the whole body because the cells of the tumor can invade nearby tissues and organs and spread to other parts of the organism.

Natural anti-cancer product

There are more than 100 different types of cancer and the treatment for each type depends on the organ or system in which the tumor occurs. Most treatments include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Some people cannot tolerate these treatments and may need hormone therapy, immunotherapy or biologic therapy. The plants and herbs are known to have anti-cancer effects. People traditionally experience benefits from the treatments with herbal products.

Some of the well-known plants and herbs are scientifically proven to be effective against tumors and show positive outcomes in fighting with different types of cancer. The herbs work as either as immunomodulators or produce cytotoxic effects. Immunomodulating herbs stimulate a person’s immune system to fight cancer cells. Herbs with cytotoxic action can destroy cancer cells. All herbs should be discussed with a caring doctor.

Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea is a natural anti-cancer product which inhibits    tumor growth and is recommended as an additional remedy raising immunity state in patients with different types of tumors. One tablespoon of the tea should be brewed in boiling water to prepare the drink for daily use. The regular intake of this tea can be used for prophylaxis of cancers and preventing the growth of the existing tumor.

Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №14)

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The tea improves the body resistance to tumor growth, stimulates the function of immune system, and treats intoxication in people who undergo chemotherapy. Besides, it lessens the time of recovery after the surgeries and other serious treatments of cancer. The regular consumption of Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery tea helps to fight with the existing cancer, and is useful for people who have remission. The Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea contains 16 herbs providing anti-cancer treatment, general improvement of the health state, by improving the cell metabolism. Herbs in the composition which are highly tolerant for the whole system are effective against: all types of tumor, inflammation, intoxication, headaches and general ill feeling, weak immune system manifestations other symptoms.

The special herbal composition of the tea includes:

Sage (leaves) (Salvia) is rich in microelements such as lithium, manganese, chromium, zinc, magnesium and potassium. They are essential for normal functioning of the whole organism and can prevent inflammation. The vitamin P and flavonoids enhance the work of body systems and organs.

Nettle (Urtica) helps remove toxins from the body and thus provides natural cleansing effects. The nettle is known for its ability to stimulate metabolism, raise hemoglobin in blood, and activate natural body stamina. This plant contains anti-cancer agents and can promote general health.

Wild rose (Rōsa) is rich in microelements, vitamins, flavonoids, natural acids which stimulate the digestive system and other systems of the body. The plant provides the diuretic effect as well.

Immortelle (Helichrysum) can reduce the toxic effects of the chemotherapy. Besides, immortelle raises levels of hepatocytes to produce positive effects on hepatic function and bladder.

Bearberry (Arctostáphylos) enhances general health, suppresses the increase of tumors and prevents the wrong formation of cell mass.

Milfoil (Achilléa) has a wide range of beneficial effects for the whole body. It prevents inflammation, helps digestion, and provides antiseptic properties.

Birch buds (Betula alba) can stop or suppress the growth of tumor due to high concentration of barium in this plant. Other important elements are: aluminum, manganese, boron and nickel which significantly improve the body resistance to cancer.

Linder (flowers) (Tília) supplies the body with cuprum to increase cell metabolism and normalize release of insulin.

Other components such as cudweed (Gnaphálium), camomile (Matricária), straw flower (Helichrýsum arenárium) provide anti-inflammatory effects, promote general health and wellbeing.

Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea is contraindicated for people who have allergies to the components of the tea, for pregnant women and women who breast-feed babies. Cancer usually takes years to develop, so prevention is preferable to treatment. Using the Siberian tea and avoiding carcinogens such as tobacco, excessive alcohol, processed foods, and exposure to chemicals can help prevent the development of any cancer. A proper diet, physical activity can help protect from cancer as well.