Common agrimony (Agrimonia eupatória) is a plant from the Rose family (Rosáceae). Other names for this plant are: Church Steeples, Churchsteeples, Cockleburr, Sticklewort, Stickwort.

The plant is used in many herbal blends in collections of Siberian Monastery Teas. The young shoots and leaves of common agrimony are harvested, dried under low temperatures with great precision to preserve the natural substances. The teas with common agrimony are prepared by experienced herbalists in Siberia

The plant agrimony contains lots of essential oils, tannins, vitamine K, flavonoids, choline, bitters, silicic acid, catechins, triterpenes, organic acids.

The infusions and teas from common agrimony leaves and shoots are used in alternative medicine to treat many digestive, liver, kidney problems. The herbal medicine admires this plant as a powerful anti-inflammatory, spasmolithic, sudatory, diuretic, choleretic agent against urinary bladder diseases, upper respiratory diseases, hepatitis, asthma, general sickness.

Sedative effects of common agrimony are traditionally applied to treat nervous system disorders, insomnia, and alcohol addiction.

The anti-hypertensive properties of this plant in special anti-hypertensive teas can decrease the high blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Agrimony has been used since ancient times in folk medicines as a remedy for eye diseases, bleeding, sleeping disorders, skin conditions, cough, sore throat and diarrhea.

Common agrimony contains bio-active compounds such as catechin antioxidant and thiamin (B vitamin), quercitrin an antioxidant with great anti-inflammatory effects.

The complex of polyphenol tannin provides the plant with its natural bitter taste. Being a potent astringent common agrimony is often prescribed for diarrhea.

Palmitic, silicic, and ursolic acids in common agrimony represent a great nutritional value. These acids can play a great role in fighting with skin cancer, improve the states of hair, skin, nails.

Agrimony can be used to cure bad breath, sore throat and to relieve cough. Its use with other herbs in different proportions for various medical purposes is considered beneficial for overall health and particular health disorders.

The dried parts of the plant are used to make herbal tea drink with blood purifying properties to relieve symptoms of jaundice, liver disorders, and other related conditions. The teas with common agrimony are traditionally used to remove toxins and facilitate the liver function.

Agrimony is prescribed for women suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding and for urinary infections of different types. It helps stop bleeding and build the blood.

Besides, this plant in tea blends can be applied for inflammatory conditions, respiratory tract conditions, skin conditions, fevers and other conditions.

The plant should be used with caution especially by people with allergies or pregnant women. If a person has a known hypersensitivity to common agrimony he/she should not use teas containing this plant.

Due to high tannin content common agrimony can cause stomach upset and certain gastrointestinal problems.

Use of common agrimony during pregnancy or breastfeeding should be avoided because of possible side effects.

One of the most beneficial methods of enjoying this useful plant is by making tea. Common agrimony can be found in many teas from the Siberian Monastery Tea collections.

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