Today the use of herbal remedies, including corn silk or maize silk is very popular as an alternative medicine worldwide. The plant corn silk is classified as Zea mays and has a variety of other common names including: Indian corn, Maize silk, Purple corn, Stigma Maydis, Zea and some others.Corn silk

Corn silk is an effective natural remedy for various illnesses including obesity, prostate disorder, and involuntary urination during sleep. The plant has become a very common natural option often replacing conventional medicines and prescription drugs.

Corn silk is used for bladder infections, urinary system inflammation, prostate problems, kidney stones. In addition it is often prescribed for the management of hypertension, fatigue, high levels of cholesterol in blood, diabetes and congestive heart failure.

The plant is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It also contains chemicals with diuretic effects and substances lowering the level of blood sugar. Certain components in the plant can help reduce inflammation.

Corn silk herbCorn silk used internally in the form of herbal teas produces great therapeutic benefits:

  • As diuretic for bladder and kidney problems like kidney stones, edema;
  • In management of obesity and overweight issues;
  • Preventing premenstrual syndrome in women and reducing the symptoms;
  • Reducing the urinary symptoms in men with prostate enlargement.

For people with diabetes type 2, the use of corn silk can be beneficial in reducing high blood sugar. So, it is often prescribed to control the blood sugar level in people who suffer from diabetes.

Being a natural diuretic corn silk reduces the fluid retention and prevents the conditions related to it. Corn silk can be used to control hypertension and lower it if necessary.

Corn silk seems to be safe for most people, but in some people it can cause allergies including skin rash, itching of the skin. If an individual notices these symptoms of allergic reaction after using corn silk in any form, it is necessary to stop the treatment.

Siberian Monastery Teas contains corn silk as an ingredient in some of the blends. Zéa máysThe corn silk is harvested in pure Siberian regions and is added to the other plants and herbs for making natural herbal teas with certain health purposes.

The appropriate dose of corn silk in the teas is specially calculated. The relevant directions on each of tea blends products give full information about the ingredients, and details about how to use the product.

It is still necessary to consult a pharmacist or herbalist about safety of the herbal product. Pregnant women and breast-feeding women can normally use corn silk products. But in large amounts this herbal product is not recommended for pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage and uterus stimulation.

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