The dandelion (Latin name Taráxacum) belongs to the family of Asteraceae. This plant is widely distributed around the world and has about 1000 species. The unique properties of this plant empower people with energy, nourish and help against various diseases. Dandelion belongs to medical herbs. It has bitter taste and contains triterpene compounds, choline, inulin, fatty oil, sterols and other bio-active substances.

These bio-active substances provide choleretic, diuretic, anti-spasmodic, laxative, sedative properties. It also produces anti-inflammatory, anti-helmintic and anti-carcinogenic features.

This amazing plant from Russian Siberia is often called Russian ginseng. The plant parts are used to stimulate appetite, enhance the secretion of gastric juices, improve metabolism, normalize body weight, promote the tonic effects and purify the blood.

The roots of dandelion are traditionally used in various dishes, drinks, creams and medicines. The herbal tea containing dandelion roots can boost immunity, lower cholesterol, improve general health and wellness.

The yellow dandelion has a bar-like elastic root, widening at the top part. All parts of the plant are of great value and used in pharmacology, cosmetic industry and in folk medicine. The roots of dandelion are collected in early spring, and autumn. The roots are washed, crushed and dried. The dried roots are used along or in combination with other herbs to prepare teas for various medical purposes.

Dandelion roots are applied for the treatment and prevention of a bunch of illnesses. The unique component of the roots – inulin is a natural polysaccharide. It can lower the blood sugar level and thus is very useful in people with diabetes. Besides, the roots can improve the secretion of gastric juice and outflow of bile. This property of the plant is used in people with gastro-intestinal diseases and low acidity of the stomach, gastritis, hepatitis, pancreas issues.

The moderate laxative features of the dandelion roots are used in herbal teas to promote control over body weight and decrease the weight safely.

Dandelion is packed with microelements, organic acids, flavonoids and vitamins A, B2, C, PP, and E. The roots contain iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, choline and saponins.

Dandelion roots in the form of teas are applied for skin diseases, mental diseases, insomnia, and stomach problems. The herbal teas containing dandelion roots can be essential for nursing women, women with mastopathy, people who suffer from auto-immune disorders, cancers and other serious disorders.

The amazing characteristics of dandelion roots keep a person younger and save from excess weight. For weight loss, the root is perfect to make tea. Besides, people use the roots in salads, boil and stew them.

For beauty of the hair, nails and skin the roots of dandelion in the form of herbal teas are used regularly by mouth. Additionally the roots can be applied as decoction or lotion on the surface of the skin or scalp.

For people who do not have time to collect the roots and prepare dishes or lotions from this plant, the herbal teas from Siberian collections can be very useful. These collections contain other herbs and parts of plants and can be applied for a variety of different purposes.

Dandelion roots do not produce any side effects and unpleasant complications for health. Still the overuse of the roots can lead to diarrhea due to their laxative properties. It is necessary to use the herbal teas containing dandelion as recommended in the instruction.

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