Female health (gynecology) Siberian Tea

Like other systems of the human body, the reproductive system can be affected by various diseases. The female health is often in risk of such problems as infertility, menopausal issues, breast cancer, cycle problems and others. Maintaining the health of reproductive system is very important. Women can benefit from using traditional remedies which are proven to be very effective and safe. Herbs are used for female health to regulate hormones, reduce water retention, and reduce pain and cramping during cycles. Herbs are used to treat menstrual problems such as PMS, heavy bleeding, period issues, excessive bleeding, and menopause. Pregnancy can also be supported by herbal remedies because medication use is often contraindicated.

Herbals for female health


There are certain favorite herbs for female reproductive system which are used during centuries by women. The herbs and plants for the female reproductive system are used to build blood, support hormonal function, support the uterus, tone and support overall health. Unfortunately practically every woman has some or previous has had a gynecological disease or problem. Women often suffer from endometriosis and endometritis, fibromyomas, cervical erosion, coleitis, uterine hemorrhage and infertility.

Female health (gynecology) Siberian Monastery tea is a traditional remedy for various female problems. It can be used to improve female health in general and treat particular female problems. The ingredients in the tea are safe and effective for the following conditions and disorders: infertility, uterine hemorrhage, fibromyoma, mastopathy, candidiasis, cycle issues, depressive states, sexual disorders, hormonal imbalance and other problems.

Female health (gynecology) Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №12)

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Developed by monks in Siberian Monasteries the composition of the tea is perfect for women’s health. The tea is natural from the herbs and plants collected from ecologically safe and pure places.

There are the following ingredients inside the tea:

Calendula (Caléndula) with its anti-inflammatory effect is useful for various acute and chronic inflammatory processes of female reproductive organs. It is well-known as herb against infertility in women.

Eucalyptus (Eucalýptus) provides anti-parasitic, antiseptic effects and is used t to treat candidiasis and other infections in women.

Oak (Quércus) bark can treat and prevent lots of female diseases, reduce inflammations. Various traditional remedies include oak against inflammatory disease, candidiasis and conditions caused by pathogenic microflora.

Nettle (Urtica) can stop the blood bleeding. Nettle is often used to stop and prevent uterine hemorrhage, fibromyoma, mastopathy, candidiasis, and infertility and cycle disorders.

Knotgrass (Polýgonum aviculáre) is used in women who cannot get pregnant. It stimulates the uterine muscles but is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Milfoil (Achilléa) is often applied to help women with painful and excessive periods and recover a menstrual cycle. Besides, it normalizes the micro flora of female genital organs.

Celandine (Chelidonium) is used for cervix issues, myoma, fibroma and inflammations in the female system. It promotes a healthy mind and body throughout the menstrual cycle and during the transition into menopause.

St. John’s wort (Hypericum) offers anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties supports natural fertility by helping to maintain normal reproductive hormone levels.

Some components of the tea are contraindicated for breast-feeding and pregnant women. These categories of women should not apply this tea. Besides, children younger than 14 years of age are not recommended to use this tea. Proper application of the tea is every day with the minimal course of 100 g pack. One tablespoon of the tea should be brewed in a cup with boiling water for about 30 minutes. Then the drink can be consumed.