Anti-ageing & Detox herbal tea from Siberia


Aging is an unpleasant part of life, but a collection of antioxidants to prevent disease, nutrients to fight muscle and joints immobility and such compounds as vitamins and minerals to keep a person fast to react and energetic can help stay naturally young for a long period of time. The natural remedies such as plants and herbs are the best solutions to conditions that can increase aging process. People from old times pay attention to favorite anti-aging herbs for being young. Anti-ageing properties of herbs and plants continue helping people finding their best ways to youth.


Lots of people prefer a natural approach to ageing well and they are seeking the solution to the problem of aging and find the answer in herbal products which contain active ingredients that can protect the body from signs of getting old. Many herbs and plants fight against age-related conditions, such as wrinkled or sagging skin, muscle weakness or stiffness, high-cholesterol, high sugar in blood, hypertension, memory loss and Alzheimer’s, and other problems with health.

Elixir of youth

The best herbs for combating the signs of ageing can be found in General Siberian Monastery Tea (Anti-ageing & Detox). Along with its ability to fight age-related diseases, the tea against aging from Siberia also helps a person look younger. This tea can be used as a beauty treatment to tighten skin and reduce inflammation. To try it, brew tea in the dose of one tablespoon with boiling water and then wait for about 30 minutes.

General Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №1): Anti-ageing & Detox

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This herbal tea can be called the elixir of youth. In Siberia the herbs from this tea are considered sacred and collected during special periods and only in special places. The tea is remarkably effective at protecting the body from damages of getting old. The tea has so many amazing benefits. It improves brain function, protects against many diseases, heart disease and stroke, prevents cancer, and treats headaches, asthma, allergies, and sexual dysfunction. The General Siberian Monastery Tea (Anti-ageing & Detox) greatly helps with depression, vertigo and improves circulation. It contains powerful antioxidants and provides natural removal of toxins from the body.

The addition of herbs to the diet, in the form of especially collected tea, can do so much to increase the lifespan, build up general health and keep a person vibrant and energetic as the years progress. The tea contains the most important herbs for health, provides body detox, and fortifies the immune system function. The positive functions of the tea include: improvement of diabetes, hypertension, liver and kidney problems, and blood circulation.


The ingredients in the tea are all natural and in certain amounts. They are absolutely safe for use.

Origanum (Oríganum), John’s wort (Hypericum), Hawthorn (Crataégus) and Spiraea (Filipéndula) make a person feel better and live longer. These herbs are widely accepted as powerful anti-aging, anti-stress herbs.

Black currant (Ríbes nígrum), camomile and wild rose (Rōsa) give regenerative properties, enhance mental and physical performance. They stimulate the immune system, are anti cancer and anti-stress, increase weight loss, fight depression, and raise resistance power of body against toxins.

The herbs in the tea stimulate the function of the heart, balance hormones, are helpful in restoring the nervous system, can increase blood circulation to the brain. Besides, they stimulate memory, increase energy and provide a calming effect, treat anxiety. The unique Siberian herbs are great for fevers and inflammatory conditions, boost collagen in the skin and are helpful in skin conditions and wound healing.

This Siberian tea is a life prolonger because of great health properties. It is loaded with biologically active components and potent antioxidants. The tea does not cause side effects and is well tolerated by the majority of people.