Why is our herbal tea effective?

Natural approach to health and well-being becomes more and more popular today. Natural herbal tea collections from Siberia are among most sought-after vitality formulas because these products are of high-quality with all natural components delivering highly bio-available ingredients, antioxidants traditionally used for wellness for centuries.

The selections of Siberian teas ensure potency and purity, contribute to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, support flexibility and mobility for the comfortable movement of the joints, immune system. They are important for metabolic health, prevent premature ageing and support the beauty from within.

Siberian teas for particular purposes and general health are essential for many functions in the body. They are gentle on the stomach and do not cause any side effects.

Whole herbs and parts of herbs which grow naturally in Siberia contain the constituents found in nature. They are carefully selected, dried using traditional methods of Siberian monks.

Traditionally used to support different body systems and organs, the teas from Siberia are among the world’s leading herbal products with a long history of application.

Using the natural whole herbs the teas give people all the goodness of leaves, stems, roots and berries in a simple easy to apply product.

Pure components are used for centuries by Siberian monks and today they are recommended by herbalists for well-being, health and harmony. For instance, the herb St. John’s Wort found in many Siberian teas has been used for centuries as a tonic. It helps promote mental well-being and a peaceful mood. It can maintain a positive mood and support a calm and relaxed feeling.

The Siberian teas all contain multi components into comprehensive blends of vitamins, minerals, bio-active components and flavonoids. Multi-component herbal teas combine real treasure which play essential roles in maintaining proper bone health, muscle activity, regulation of water balance, keeping healthy body weight, men’s and women’s health.

Herbs all native to Siberia and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, preservatives or other chemicals – guarantee the high quality and safety of Siberia tea collections.

The ingredients harvested in Siberia ensure the beneficial properties of each herb or part of herbal plant.

The finest quality of the products from Siberian collections of teas is guaranteed by the manufacturer and by the nature itself.

Clean meadows and forests of Siberia, clean waters of rivers and lakes, pure air and ancient traditions at the forefront of herbal treatment –these entire things combine in the 100% natural products we are excited and happy to bring you.

We really take pride in the products carefully selected for various health purposes. We strive to make sure you get the best assortment of high-quality products at the best value.

Siberian herbal teas prepared with tradition and new scientific approaches will satisfy all your needs and desires.

Absolutely confident in the quality of Siberian tea collections, we guarantee a full refund in case the results of the treatment will not satisfy you.

Now more than ever we have made sure in the unique products from Siberia

  • We are constantly listening to you and your requests, what you search for, your reviews. Whether it is complain about health problem, symptom of your condition or other request concerning health, we are always ready to offer you professional help in order to satisfy you.
  • The collections of teas are individual therapies for various health conditions and disorders. If there is a need for special blend of herbals, the qualified herbalists are ready to create a new one to fit your need, lifestyle.
  • The collections of teas are provided in special packs with detailed instructions and professional recommendations. You can also find complete information about each collection on our site. If there is a need the phone consultation with a professional herbalist is possible.
  • Professionals can change, adjust and give advice according to the symptoms of your condition.
  • Advice and recommendations from herbalists are available on our site. Sometimes lifestyle alterations to improve general health state are also suggested.

Before starting the treatment with any herbal product, it is necessary to discuss your condition with a doctor. Sometimes the use of herbal products is not safe, for instance, for pregnant or breast-feeding women.