Heather informationTrue heather, common heath, broom heather, Scots heather, ling, common ling, lyng are the names for the common garden plant heather. Calluna vulgaris is a botanical name of the plant that represents an evergreen long-living bristly shrub from the family of Ericaceae.

The plant produces small scale-leaves and numerous branching stems with pleasant white, pink or purple flowers. Heather blooms from July to September.

The calluna vulgaris plant is common for Europe, Russia, and North America. Heather is widely distributed in temperate areas in northern hemisphere. It often grows in heath lands, uncultivated uplands and mountain slopes. The plant prefers sunny areas.

Decorative and ornamental purposes are mainly the uses of this plant. Still medicinal uses of heather products are well-known. The parts of the plant used in medicine are flowering tips, petals, leaves, and sometimes the bark.Heather herb

Heather is highly medicinal, and for generations many cultures have been used this plant for various therapeutic effects. The teas from heather plant provide great health benefits for different body organs and functions. This plant is considered one of the best plants for detox, cleansing, relieving pain and inflammation.

Potent teas from heather commonly contain other herbs and plants. In Siberian Monastery Teas heather is used for its great therapeutic purposes.

Heather plant contains tannins, arbutin, saponins, karotin and the flavonoids quercitrin and myricitrin and alkaloid ericodin.

The teas from heather can help urinary tract problems. Additionally the plant is used to treat inflammation of the urinary passages, kidney stones, bladder issues, prostate problems including enlargement of prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Some herbalists recommend drinking teas containing heather to relieve stomach pain, treat diarrhea, and colic. Usually the flowers are used for making teas to treat rheumatic pain and prevent inflammatory processes.

In folk medicine heather teas have been used successfully consumed for arthritis and gout and rheumatism. The plant contains components that effectively remove uric acid and toxins from the body. Besides, the plant works as antiseptic and cleansing remedy. Strong herbal teas with heather can help for bladder and gastrointestinal cleansing.

This cleansing effect for the whole body can be applied for liver infection, bladder and kidney diseases. Heather can help in natural removal of parasites.

Heather usesFor people with frequent infections of various character herbalists recommend using heather tea each day of the disease until the infection fades away.

Heather tea assists overall health by removing the toxins from the body organs. The heather teas can be consumed for cleansing colon, gastrointestinal tract.

Heather can be effective against colds, coughs, arthritis, cystitis, gout and other inflammatory conditions.

Before application of the plant it is necessary to consult a doctor. Heather contains alkaloid that can be dangerous if used in large amounts.

In Siberian Monastery Tea Collections heather is used in specially calculated doses which are absolutely safe. Still pregnant women should not use the herbal remedies from this plant.

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