Marjoram or wild oregano (Oríganum vulgáre) – is a perennial plant from Lamiaceae family. Its habitat includes meadows, rocky meadows, banks of rivers, forests, broad-leaves forests.

The strong fragrance of this plant makes it essential ingredient of many dishes. Wild oregano or marjoram is well- known for its savory, slightly bitter flavor. In folk medicine this plant is widely used for its healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, calmative, carminative, and emmenagogue properties.

With a long history of use as an effective treatment for colds, respiratory and other diseases marjoram has become a useful safe handy herb. People use different parts of the plant including flowers, leaves, fruit, and shoots.

The health benefits of the plant are well-known to many people who use marjoram in fresh and dried forms. It can be used to treat coughs, headaches, toothaches, menstrual issues, and stiffness of the muscles, rheumatism and other conditions.

Marjoram tea improves tension headaches, relieves stress and anxiety, treats digestive problems.

The tea blends containing this plant can calm the nerves, improve the mood, and enhance general health. The medicines containing marjoram can be applied also topically to decrease the pain caused by rheumatism.

Marjoram contains tannins, ascorbic acid, essential oil, thymol, carvacrol, sesquiterpenes and geranilatsetat. Essential oils with a high concentration of carvacrol can reduce the use of such medicines as antibiotics and antihistamines.

In folk medicine wild oregano is used to enhance the intestinal peristalsis, reduce spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic gastritis, inflammation of the liver.

The plant marjoram can be found in many teas from Siberian collection of Monastery teas. These teas are intended for a number of different health purposes including Tranquilizing Siberian Monastery Tea, Anti-hypertensive Siberian Monastery Tea and General Siberian Monastery Tea.

Owing to antispasmolitic and stimulant properties of marjoram the Siberian monks use it as a tonic to cure different problems of digestive tract and respiratory system.

Wild oregano or marjoram harvested in Siberian region is one of the richest herbal sources for vitamin K, A. It plays a great role in preventing early ageing processes and has a proven effect in diseases related to age.

Marjoram can prevent the damage of brain cells and thus is used as a part of therapy against Alzheimer’s disease.

Wild oregano has a potent effect on the nervous system. Its use in Tranquilizing Siberian Monastery Tea helps to calm down the nerves, reduce tension and anxiety.

Marjoram possesses antiseptic, chologogue, carminative, diuretic, diaphoretic and stimulant features. This herb in collections of teas from Siberia is a unique natural remedy for many health illnesses. The teas contain all the information and special details of use. Allergic people and pregnant women should not use the teas without first consulting their doctor.

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