Weight loss Siberian Monastery Tea

Being overweight is a real problem for the appearance of a person and his/her health as extra pounds negatively influence all the body functions and organs. People with obesity and overweight experience lots of health issues like diabetes, atherosclerosis, artery problems, cardiovascular problems. Extra weight overloads the heart function, impair the work of different body systems. Proper balanced diet and physical activities of various types help cope with obesity and overweight. It is absolutely necessary to control body weight to prevent health consequences.

Tea for weight loss

Healthy nutrition means balanced diet with all the components including protein, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Specialists in healthy nutrition and lifestyle suggest paying attention to natural herbs as remedies which can be very useful in fighting with overweight problem. There are lots of herbal supplements and products on the market. Lots of them are of finest quality and value. Today people prefer natural methods of supporting their health and thus choose products that are 100 % natural. Siberian Monastery Tea for weight loss is one of the herbal products with 100 % natural ingredients for keeping in good shape and dropping some weight.

When people are trying to lose weight it is significant to be close to nature. Herbs can boost metabolism, help the body get rid of fat more quickly. If you need burn extra fat then the products like Siberian Monastery Tea should be included into your diet plan. The herbal mix in this high quality product helps to overcome and treat lots of dangerous diseases and conditions including: hypertension, ischemia or inadequate blood supply to the heart, overweight and obesity, high sugar level in blood, and atherosclerosis. Besides, the herbs in this product help decrease appetite, improve metabolism and related disorders.

Weight loss Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №10)

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Often it happens so, that people feel fatigue and cannot exercise well due to being overweight. The product Siberian Monastery Tea facilitates the overall health state, boosts energy and helps a person feel well. New approaches in the processing of herbs and advanced scientific technologies used in the manufacturing process allow preserve all the nutrients and essential components in this tea. The balanced mix of the herbs from ecologically safe regions is ideal for keeping the figure of a person in the perfect state.


Weight loss Siberian Monastery Tea consists of natural ingredients in safe and effective amounts. Each plant or herb is selected due to its bioactive potential.

Wild strawberry (Fragária) provides lots of micronutrients and possesses natural diuretic properties. Wild strawberry is known for its features to treat and prevent atherosclerosis, obesity, and hypertension.

Calendula (Caléndula) flowers are widely used due to their diuretic properties to reduce swelling.

Birch (Bétula) leaf improves the swelling and increased water retention in the body. By using it, a person can really decrease the body weight thanks to its diuretic effects.

Black currant (Ríbes) leaf is known for richness in antioxidants and vitamin C. The plant can support normal fat breakdown by increasing natural metabolism.

Dandelion (Taráxacum) root provides the laxative effect.

Melilot (Melilótus) contains large amounts of coumarin to stimulate the blood circulation in the digestive tract and in the whole body.

Nettle (Urtica) leaf combines diuretic effects with ability to decrease appetite. Besides, nettle is known for detox effects, normalizing metabolism and thus reducing body weight.

Wild rose (Rōsa) is rich in vitamins. It produces the effect of acceleration of digestion and improves the body processes.

The ingredients inside weight loss Siberian Monastery Tea are all natural and can be taken safely by most people. Still some categories of people are not recommended to use this product including: pregnant and breast-feeding women, children younger than 14 years of age, and allergic people. The natural product Siberian Monastery tea is of finest quality, helping in fighting with extra weight and improving general health thanks to its multiple advantages. Siberian Monastery tea contains only pure, eco-friendly, specially selected herbs and plants. It does not contain any unnatural or chemical components or any ingredients from the dirty or polluted areas.

How to brew and apply

The herbal tea Siberian Monastery tea in the amount of one table spoon should be placed in a cup and poured with boiling water. The herbal remedy should be left for about 25-30 minutes and then consumed. The tea should be used each day during the period of treatment. Do not forget about your regular dieting plan that should involve more physical activity and healthy eating.