Wild strawberry (Latin name Fragária) is a perennial plant from the Rose family (Rosáceae). Fruit, leaves and stems are used for various purposes. The plant parts are harvested and dried to preserve the natural substances. Fruit are used to make desserts, compotes, jams and marmalades. The fresh fruit of strawberries contain lots of vitamins.

Leaves with stems and berries are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B complex, carotinoides, citric acid, malic acid, natural sugars, minerals, flavonoids.

The infusions and teas made from wild strawberry leaves are used in traditional medicine. They have potent diuretic properties and can be used for the treatment of kidney and gall stones, diabetes and anemia. In folk medicine the strawberry leaves are applied for body weight normalization, better metabolism and proper work of digestive system. Besides, it is known as tonic in treating colds.

Strawberry fruit are recommended for people suffering from anemia (low hemoglobin level in blood), people with blood circulation issues and other problems.  The dried berries and leaves of the plant are traditionally added to various herbal teas. Siberian monks created different tea collections using this beneficial plant in many of their tea blends.

Ancient recipes of the teas containing wild strawberry exist today in a great collection of Siberian Monastery Teas.

Wild strawberry plant is a fine part of many teas and is praised for its anti-inflammatory, diuretic, astringent purposes. Leaves of wild strawberry can effectively stop diarrhea due to high concentration of tannins and proanthocyanidins.

The dried wild strawberry help in normalizing heart rhythm, blood circulation, heart muscle function. The anti-hypertensive effects of this plant are well-known for many people.

Studies have shown the beneficial effects on overall health of extract of strawberry fruit and plant parts.

The berries and leaves are included in many folk remedies for stomach ailments, kidney function problems, cough and asthma.

Wild strawberry can be a good body cleanser removing toxins, chemical substances and nitrates.

The preparation of the herbal teas containing wild strawberry involves using one tablespoon of the dried tea and adding to it hot boiling water. Then the tea should be left for brewing for about 30 minutes. The tea can be used daily during the period of several months depending on the condition being treated.

Teas with wild strawberry are very tasty, multi-vitamin drinks rich in many beneficial nutrients.

Siberian Monastery teas for weight reduction, kidney, stomach and blood vessel health contain wild strawberry plant.

As a therapeutic herb, wild strawberry can be applied to cure stomach disorders like diarrhea and dysentery. The dried leaves in the form of the tea can protect the upper respiratory organs from bacterial infections; treat sore throat and common colds.

Many health experts recommend paying attention to the teas containing wild strawberry for the treatment of arthritis, gout and rheumatism. The plant’s excellent healing and revitalizing properties can be applied practically for any disorder or health condition a person suffers from.

Antioxidant features of the plant can be essential in the fight with the ageing process, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, skin disorders.

Wild strawberry is recommended in treating various health disorders and for improvement of general health. It should be used regularly to get the most beneficial effects.

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